Music Monday – Westrin & Mowry

Perhaps it’s the relentless Facebook and Instagram pictures of majestic fall colors from home, or perhaps it’s the passing of our recent anniversary trip to the Midwest that has my mind so focused on The Mitten state. Whatever it is, I feel it is once again the perfect time to showcase some of the wonderful Michigan music that Karrin and I are so tied to.

Westrin & Mowry (comprised of Brian Westrin and Pete Mowry), an Americana duo from the Lansing area, have recently released a full length album that has been on constant repeat during my daily commute. This isn’t the first album the talented duo has put out, but it’s been a solid 10 years since the last release. The two have been involved in several other musical projects over the years, so there are a variety of reasons for the break between albums. And as impatient as I know many were to hear more from these guys, The Past Rushes In was worth the wait. I don’t think this new album would be what it is without that break – Westrin & Mowry’s lyrics and music are very much drawn from personal experience, and I love that I can hear and feel that difference, and that the two albums can relate to completely different parts of my life – sort of like I’ve grown with them. It takes time to create that type of music.

So if you are into butter smooth vocals, thought-provoking lyrics, and elegantly produced sounds that are perfect for coffee shops and Sunday drives – then these guys are for you. Check out the new album on Spotify (my favorite tracks are Late Night Run and Never Alone), and if you feel so inclined to own a copy, it is now available on iTunes and Amazon. And for those that are interested in reading more about it, the duo did an interview with the Lansing State Journal with some details regarding the creation of these songs.

Happy Monday!



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