The days in Houston are still far too warm for my liking this late in October, but the mornings and evenings are absolutely lovely – nice, crisp breezes with beautiful skies, and just cool enough to finally break out my favorite coated denim. I love how these pants can elevate the simplest of outfits – the timeless t-shirt and jean duo brought up a notch. I could have been wearing tennis shoes with this ensemble as opposed to the pumps and still feel put together (which I did in fact do to make grocery shopping a little more comfortable post photo shoot).


American Apparel top | J Brand coated denim | Ann Taylor shoes | bag from Italy | Clyde’s Rebirth necklace and bracelet | cuff via Sun Child | Ray-Ban sunnies





And yes, those are holiday decorations in that 4th photo, already adorning the store roofs in Highland Village – really?! Apparently Halloween just doesn’t matter anymore?

I hope everyone has a spooky Halloween, filled with lots of candy! Enjoy it this week while you can, because apparently Christmas has already started.




tut tut


I have been waiting and waiting for a rainy weekend in Houston so that I could appropriately style and document my Hunter rain boots 🙂 I have been in the market for these babies for quite some time and my wonderful parents got them for me as a Christmas gift. They were both so confused as to why I would want what they deem “barn boots”, which I suppose I can understand. The puzzled looks on their faces as I strutted around Christmas morning with them on… it was pretty entertaining. But I love how they can transform an outfit. Plus, it rains kind of a lot in Houston, and up until now I haven’t had a good pair of casual shoes that were made from a rain appropriate material. With that being said, I should provide a warning for the obligatory cheesy puddle jumping photos that you are about to see…


Express trench coat | Asos dress | tights from Target | Hunter rain boots | bag from Italy | necklace from ShopSunChild | Madewell cuff and ring | American Apparel and Clyde’s Rebirth bracelets






Lucky for me it is supposed to rain here all week! Happy Wednesdayyy



Do The Locomotion


This past weekend was so nice and relaxing – a Saturday morning workout followed by watching Jerry Maguire (which, I am ashamed to admit, I had never watched the whole way through), a movie with friends, dinner out, girl time on Sunday… just what I needed to bring some zen into my attitude to prepare for the craziness of the following weeks! I wanted a comfy yet cute outfit that matched my weekend vibe, so I chose this cotton skirt and oversized tee. I wore this all weekend. Seriously, both Saturday and Sunday (please tell me I’m not the only one who does that). I actually found this tee on the clearance rack at the Gap in the men’s section and it happens to be one my best purchases. It has been well worn, and there is a small hole that has started that I am currently choosing to ignore because I will be devastated when I have to retire this to a bedtime tee.


Gap tee | American Apparel skirt | Anthropologie wedges | Purse and Clutch bag | Clyde’s Rebirth necklace | Alimonada bracelet | In God We Trust cuff via Shop Sun Child | Alimonada heart ring and knuckle ring c/o Ruche | Tumbleweeds sunnies






To my fiance’s excitement, we lucked out during this photo shoot with a train in the background. Every time we use these train tracks he is always so bummed when a train doesn’t come because he has been wanting to use the blur as a background. We will have to practice a bit more, but this was a good first run!

I hope everyone’s week is going well!



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