I mentioned a few posts ago that my husband and I recently headed to San Antonio for a weekend out of town. The reason for the trip was his wedding gift to me – a re-creation of our first date. We took the drive west to see a certain pop punk band that used to play pretty regularly in his old Astro van… Motion City Soundtrack. We had so much fun! I’m pretty sure we were part of a small percentage of attendees that were over the age of 17, but I was really impressed with the band. They’ve been around for years and I have to say, they’ve still got it.

I felt this baseball tee was pretty perfect for the occasion. Effortless yet put together with just a touch of edge (at least I like to think so, edgy is subjective… but come on, I have a skull on my shirt and spikes around my neck, right?). One of Kyle’s best friend’s who now lives in Milwaukee got us these shirts as part of our wedding gift. When I opened it I just laughed thinking I would just use it as a “day around the house” top, but I have admittedly found several ways to work it into my everyday wardrobe and it has quickly become one of my favorite shirts. With skinny jeans and heels, with a pencil skirt, with a structured blazer – simple printed tees can add the perfect laid back element to your style. 


Gifted top | BDG jeans via Urban Outfitters | wedges from DSW | BCBG bag | Alimonada necklace and skull bracelet | Madewell bracelet | leather cuff and ring from Ireland



We decided to skip the hustle and bustle of the river walk this trip and stuck to the historical district of San Antonio, which I am super happy about. The river walk is a bit overwhelming and not really our thing. But we really enjoyed this part of the city. Gorgeous old homes, delicious neighborhood bars and coffee shops, and a much more green part of the river complete with kayakers on a brisk morning. The next time you are in San Antonio make sure to stop by Madhatters Tea House & Cafe – phenomenal food!




HAPPY FRIDAYYYYY! Anyone else going to see Catching Fire this weekend? It was my favorite of the Hunger Games books, so I’m pretty excited!



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