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I have been waiting and waiting for a rainy weekend in Houston so that I could appropriately style and document my Hunter rain boots 🙂 I have been in the market for these babies for quite some time and my wonderful parents got them for me as a Christmas gift. They were both so confused as to why I would want what they deem “barn boots”, which I suppose I can understand. The puzzled looks on their faces as I strutted around Christmas morning with them on… it was pretty entertaining. But I love how they can transform an outfit. Plus, it rains kind of a lot in Houston, and up until now I haven’t had a good pair of casual shoes that were made from a rain appropriate material. With that being said, I should provide a warning for the obligatory cheesy puddle jumping photos that you are about to see…


Express trench coat | Asos dress | tights from Target | Hunter rain boots | bag from Italy | necklace from ShopSunChild | Madewell cuff and ring | American Apparel and Clyde’s Rebirth bracelets






Lucky for me it is supposed to rain here all week! Happy Wednesdayyy




Fall Boot Lust List

Since everyone is going crazy over fall fashion right now (including myself), and boots are such a HUGE part of the season, I thought I would round up some faves to give you all some shopping inspiration! Here are some styles I am currently lusting after:


1. Shoemint Lane Boots

2. Zara Pointed Ankle Boots

3. Steve Madden Pebbbles Boots

4. Frye Melissa Button Boots

5. Matiko Kinsley Boots

6. Modcloth Bandmate Bootie

7. Wanted Swing Boots

8. Nisolo Harper Chukka Shoes

9. Faith Stirling Leather Ankle Boots

Happy Hump Day! I would love to know, what are some of your favorite items you are after this fall?



Lust List

Because I am getting married in October and am trying to save some funds for the big day, I find myself searching for warm weather clothes that will be useful towards my honeymoon. We are going to be heading to Santorini (weeeeeee!!!), so I’m all about effortless items that will fit in with the gorgeous white and blue buildings and ocean vibe but still give me a little bit of edge. Here are some items that I am currently lusting after.


1. Tumbleweed’s wood framed sunglasses
2. JCrew hat
3. Madewell top
4. Topshop skirt and top
5. JCrew bikini top and bottom
6. Madewell bracelet
7. Fresh Sugar lip treatment
8. Zara sandals
9. American Apparel twill skirt

So looking forward to Michigan vacations filled with lake lounging and late nights, and honeymoon relaxation next to the ocean! Midweek dreaming 🙂



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