Music Monday: Lord Huron

I cannot stop listening to Lord Huron. I’ve had multiple friends suggest I check them out since early fall, insisting I buy tickets for their visit to Seattle this coming Friday at the Showbox at the Market.  I finally got around to listening to them about a week ago and became an immediate fan…. so you can imagine my extreme disappointment when I found out yesterday that the tickets for the show were already sold out.  I feel it is my duty to share their tunes and make sure you check out their tour schedule here  so you don’t  make the same mistake I did. Cheers to new tunes – even if I don’t end up finding tickets for the show this Friday, I am sure happy I discovered these guys.



Le Parc Sans Soleil

DSC_0276.jpgI love this sweater for so many reasons: A) It’s french, B) random people greet me with “Bonjour” on the streets, C) it’s stripped, and D) it’s neutral colored so I can mix it with anything. When you love an item in your closet for more than two reasons it was definitely worth the buy.


DSC_0283.jpgYou may recognize a large chunk of this outfit from this recent post. Maybe the PNW is finally getting to me, but I just can’t stop wearing flannels! I usually try to add a more feminine or girly touch to a flannel to dress it up, but this time I dared to take the more tom-boy route by pairing with a beanie, bow-tie and sneakers. “Tom-boy” can have such a negative connotation attached to it, however, all you need to do is add in a couple basic pieces like tights, a structured bag or a preppy sweater and boom, tom-boy becomes chic.

DSC_0267.jpgHappy hump day!



Music Monday: The Head and the Heart

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Music Monday. Luckily I have an awesome blogging partner who has been posting some good jams in the midst of my music lull.🙂 I have been feeling somewhat uninspired until recently when I listened  to The Head and The Heart‘s new album. I posted about them last March when I had just discovered them. They take me back to my more “emo” high school days of listening Death Cab and The Shins. They have the soft voices and smooth rhythms that are easy to blare full blast at 7 am on your way to work. Unlike my old emo obsessions, their up lifting voices and beats carry me throughout my week on a happy note. This new album is just as good, if not better, than the last. Make sure to check it out, I promise it will not disappoint.

Happy Monday!




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