I’ve Got Sunshine


This dress is not my usual style – I typically stick to more structured materials and designs, and when I do decide to wear something with a more free form material, I tend to lean towards simple and clean cut lines. But while perusing Alternative Apparel’s website, I found myself drawn to this dress, particularly the interesting sunshine yellow pattern with its water color appearance. It is just so summery and effortless, with an easy-to-wear design on top, and can go from barefoot on the beach to boho dressy with heels. Plus it has pockets (no brainer, always). It went on sale, so I decided to go for the unusual, and am happy to report that it has been one of my favorite things to slip on for simple weekends. It could probably use a little altering, but I figure, what’s the point? It’s always going to create an oversized statement, and I feel that’s how it should be.


Alternative Apparel dress (skirt version here) | Zara heels | bag from Italy | UO necklace | Clyde’s Rebirth bracelet | Anthropologie earrings | Tumbleweeds Handcraft sunnies






I finally feel like our place is put together, and am looking forward to tackling a couple of DIY projects this weekend for finishing touches, as well as planning some fun future travel plans. Have a great weekend!





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