Music Monday: Xavier Rudd

I’ve been listening to Xavier Rudd ever since my brother and brother-in-law showed me him in my early teens. Being a sheltered girl from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I thought it was so cool to discover an international artist (he’s Australian). His voice was something unlike I had ever heard before… so soothing and uplifting. For me he was always Jack Johnson meets Bob Marley, until recently when I finally got the chance to see him live last week in Seattle. He is so much more unique and interesting than I could have imagined. Between playing his didgeridoo and dancing around shirtless while his bassist and drummer played, I could NOT peal my eyes off the stage. Xavier is not something you want to miss if he ever passes through a city near you. It was one of the best shows to date I have been to in Seattle… although that is coming from a pretty big fan šŸ™‚ Check out the song below for a small taste of what he has to offer. I hope this song brings you to a sunny beach smiling… even on a rainy day.


Happy Monday! Hope all you PNW’s are enjoying this BEAUTIFUL summer we are having.




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