Music Monday: Lady Luck

Soooo, it’s been a while over here at Style Sound! Karrin and I have had a few weird weeks (Kyle and I have been traveling a bit for weddings, all while unexpectedly moving into a new place, and Karrin has been crazy busy at work and tucked away in the PNW mountains in her free time). But we both miss this space and are trying to get back into the habit of regular posting! It is so easy to fall out of a habit, even if it is something you enjoy doing, when your daily routines become scrambled and unpredictable.

So anyway, here is my first Music Monday in a long time! Langford Market asked us to come up with a summer playlist that they will be releasing on their blog soon. I thought I would give you a sneak peak of one of my favorite songs from the mix. I heard this song a few weeks ago when Kyle and I watched the movie Drinking Buddies. Although the movie was a bit anticlimactic, I found myself entranced by the music that was played and have since listened to the sound track several times – super chill with lots of unique melodies. This particular song is on of my favorites – “Lady Luck” by Richard Swift. It has a toe tapping bass line and a flowing melody that is perfect for a relaxing summer day on the dock or a sunny road trip. Enjoy, and keep your eye out for the full playlist!




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