Watershed Market


This past weekend Houston hosted its first Watershed Market – an outdoor pop up market with several Texas local vendors selling a variety of goods and services. I knew that one of my favorite online shops, Sun Child, would be there, and I was eager to see some other local offerings. So I ventured out with Kyle and my friend Lindsey to see what it was all about. Overall, I thought it was pretty great! A few food trucks as well as some locally brewed beer, live music, and shops offering everything from garden start ups to art to clothing/accessories to DIY projects. I will admit that I was hoping for more handcrafted goods type of shops, but the space has a lot of potential. The event was located in East Downtown, an area that is up and coming, and I have been told that there will be a repeat event in May with even more vendors. I am excited to see it grow! Houston has worked really hard the past couple of years to form a better sense of community among its residents and make the downtown area more desirable. These types of events are becoming more and more popular around here, and I love it.


A great view of downtown behind the band tent.



The wonderful Sun Child, and below is the lovely owner, Christina!



Some great starter vegetables and succulent gardens.



Some very awesome/clever artwork.


The AMAZING Sinfull Bakery – I love these guys!


Lindsey and I, post scarfing down some scrumptious pork belly baos from Eatsie Boys, enjoying a nice cold Karbach Summer Seasonal brew – some of the best beer I have had in a while!

If you are in the Houston area, make sure to stop by the next Watershed Market in May!





  1. Always great to see you – great pics!!

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