Washington Park Arboretum





DSC_0373.jpgItalian leather jacket| Target sweatshirt and necklace | Gap vest | J.Crew shorts | Promod purse | Hunter boots | random tights and hat




DSC_0389.jpgMy dear friend Tricia of Growth by the Season came to visit last week and it was nothing short of fabulous. We drank wine, good beer, ate wonderful food and went on a long walk in the Washington Arboretum. If you live in Seattle and have never been there – go there now! All the tree’s were in full bloom šŸ™‚ I was going to write some long post about how refreshing it was to see an old friend, get out side and smell the fresh air…. however Tricia already did it so well on her blog. Check out her awesome website and her post about the clam chowder dinner she and my husband made here. It was delish!

Can’t wait for her to come visit again! Happy Friday everyone… oh and GO GREEN!





  1. That was such a beautiful day, I love you! and GO WHITE! xoxo

  2. I don’t know anyone that looks as good in a brown leather jacket as you do! LOVE it with that sweatshirt too!

  3. juliewearswellingtons says:

    Good that you had an awesome time and glad to see you wearing your Wellingtons I love the color.

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