Style Sound’s Best of 2013

DSC_0144.jpg2013 was a big year for Style Sound! Haley and her husband Kyle tied the knot and Tyler and I moved across the country. Given all the great things that happened this year, we thought we would do a recap of our favorite outfits that each other posted. Excluding the obvious number one outfit of the year pictured above, Haley’s fabulous silk wedding gown, my top 5 favorite outfit creations from Haley are:

1. Clash or Match?

DSC_0146Florals were huge this year, and Haley pulled them off flawlessly in this Prabul Gurung X Target top and skirt. Even though she is wearing head to toe florals, the black and white color pallet keeps the usually loud pattern contained and classy, and her neutral accessories are the perfect touch to compliment to this statement look. If only florals were this easy for everyone to pull off!

2. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

DSC_0080Leave it to Haley to make showing  skin look epically chic. From the basic white crop to to the mint sheer skirt, Haley created a look that looks effortless and fabulous all at the same time. Oh, and those sunglasses!

3. Float On

DSC_0385This outfit may seem similar to outfit number two, however I couldn’t help but include it in my top five because of the way Haley transformed it to have such a different feel. She took a simple stripped shirt  and created a classic look. She looks like she belongs walking on the Champs-Élysées among rest of the Parisians! Haley, tu es très chic 🙂

4. I’m a 90′s B#@&h

DSC_0018I’ve obviously got a thing for crop tops given that three crop top outfits of Haley’s are in my top five, however, have you seen anyone pull them off like she does!? I certainly have not. What can be made to look risqué and un-classy on some people Haley has made look natural,  sexy yet understated and ultimately scream “comfortable in my own skin”. The color combo in this look is so fun and playful, topped off with an edgy necklace this is an outfit that if I would rock every day if I were her!

5. Lumberjack Chic

DSC_0542I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this outfit – from the knit hat and flannel shirt to the leather pants and pointed toe Zara boots. It’s the perfect combination of edgy and casual and shows just how versatile and unique Haley’s wardrobe is. I just wish she lived closer so I could steal all her clothes!

Now it’s Haley’s turn! Her top five favorites are below 🙂

1. Golden Gardens
DSC_0039.jpgBesides being some of my favorite Karrin pictures ever (seriously, these are stunning), I’m so in love with how Karrin styled this coat with timeless accessories and the punch of fall colors in her hat. She is meant for vintage, and vintage is meant for her.

2. Hello, Fall
DSC_0032.jpgI’m a sucker for mixing feminine and masculine when it comes to clothes, and Karrin has nailed it here. She has created the perfect marriage of plaid and chambray with cute booties and a gorgeous brooch. And her hair and make up! I love it all.

3. Mellow Yellow
DSC_0989.jpgThis outfit screams “I’m ready for warm weather!” The flow of the skirt paired with the structured top and pops of bright colors – it’s a perfect transition statement. And it reminds me of Karrin… bright and sunny

4. Floral and Sequins
DSC_0274.jpgI love how Karrin has taken such a relaxed silhouette and created a perfectly polished look. The look is so balanced, she could be going anywhere! The statement necklace finishes it off beautifully.

5. CBN Oscar Party
DSC_0957.jpgA modern day Audrey Hepburn… a timeless silhouette with updated textures and unexpected patterns. Karrin is exquisite in this dress. From the top of her head to the ends of her toes – she is flawless. And no one pulls off peplum and purple lipstick as good as she does.

Thank you so much for following this year! We wouldn’t be doing what we are doing without each and every one of you. We are looking forward to what 2014 will bring here at Style Sound! Cheers to the new year with new beginnings and adventures!


Karrin & Haley


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