Ch Ch Changes


Annnnd we’re back! Annnnd I chopped my hair 🙂 I know this may seem like a cliche New Year decision, but I’ve actually been wanting this change for quite some time – I get bored with my hair rather quickly. I decided to wait until post wedding for obvious reasons, and a trip back to Michigan so that my ever so talented sister could do the job for me. We wasted no time – within hours of leaving the Detroit airport I was a new woman! I’m still getting used to styling it, but I love it. It’s fresh and light, and have you ever noticed how a new haircut can completely transform your already existing closet and make up collection?

There’s not much to say about this outfit except that I have been obsessed with sweatshirts this season. Can’t get enough of ’em. In high school I probably would never have been caught dead in a crew neck sweatshirt, but I’m sure if I looked back on my school ensembles I would be appalled. Sweatshirts are so fun! From jeans to leather to skirts – the possibilities are endless.


JCrew sweatshirt | J Brand coated jeans | Zara boots | random bag | Alimonada necklace | Madewell bracelets and ring | JCrew Factory cuff | Ray-Ban sunnies





I hope everyone had the happiest of holidays! Michigan was a winter wonderland – one of the prettiest winters I remember in a long time (I know all of you Michiganders hate me right for saying that, stay warm and safe up there my friends!).

Karrin and I are both getting back into the swing of things, and are excited for a new year of Style Sound! Anything new you guys want to see??





  1. AHH!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. your hair looks so good! i didn’t think it was possible for you to get any prettier, but it happened! i love the idea of getting a chop post-wedding. love that sweater!

    xo nicole

  3. I just love that hair! And this outfit, you know I’m obsessed.

  4. This sweater’s been on my list to buy for the last month! Looks great on you!

    Visit my blog and enter to win a bracelet from Urban Peach Boutique!


  5. great look!!! love the sweater and the purse…pink is my must have right now 😉

    km (foggy daydreams)

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