Le Parc Sans Soleil

DSC_0276.jpgI love this sweater for so many reasons: A) It’s french, B) random people greet me with “Bonjour” on the streets, C) it’s stripped, and D) it’s neutral colored so I can mix it with anything. When you love an item in your closet for more than two reasons it was definitely worth the buy.


DSC_0283.jpgYou may recognize a large chunk of this outfit from this recent post. Maybe the PNW is finally getting to me, but I just can’t stop wearing flannels! I usually try to add a more feminine or girly touch to a flannel to dress it up, but this time I dared to take the more tom-boy route by pairing with a beanie, bow-tie and sneakers. “Tom-boy” can have such a negative connotation attached to it, however, all you need to do is add in a couple basic pieces like tights, a structured bag or a preppy sweater and boom, tom-boy becomes chic.

DSC_0267.jpgHappy hump day!





  1. The Pacific Northwest looks good on you!

    • Thanks ladies! You need to get out here to try some good bloodies … I had a spicy one the other day and though of you, it was definitely a 4 on the spice scale. xx

  2. Love this look so much! You are one gorgeous girl! Pacific Northwest suits you very well 🙂

  3. Yup. love your outfit and face.

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