30 Days of Holiday Dresses

IMG_5424 (2)

For those of you who don’t already know (or didn’t see my sneak peek in this recent post), Houston’s very own Cheeky Vintage is running a special online shopping event this month called 30 Days of Holiday Dresses. The wonderful little shop gathered up some clients and local bloggers to model some fabulous dresses, and they have been releasing one dress a day to their site. My dress is up today so I thought I would share! All of the dresses in this collection are so perfect for the holiday season, I am swooning over several of them. I adore this dress that they picked for my shoot. The silhouette is so pretty and feminine, yet the deep emerald color and texture mix can create just the right touch of edge with the right accessories. Make sure to check out the rest of the dresses here and keep an eye out for some more one of kind beauties that are yet to be released… I may crack and need to scoop one of these before this month is over 🙂 And if you are a fellow Houstonian you can stop by the shop to try these on – the Cheeky ladies are the best and will help with any needed alterations!

IMG_5431 (2)

IMG_5438 (2)

IMG_5421 (2)

IMG_5434 (2)

HAPPY FRIDAYYY! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, I cant believe Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Some friends of ours are hosting an early feast on Sunday and I am looking forward to stuffing my face until I think I might explode.




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