Cozy Fall Neutrals

DSC_0184.jpgZara hat and sweater | Promod purse | Revlon lipstick | Melissa button Frye Boots | random shorts and tights

DSC_0190.jpgI’m not quite sure what has gotten into me this fall – but I’ve found myself wearing more neutral colors and less accessories/flare. I can’t tell if I’m going though a change in my personal style (I’m usually drawn to more colors and accessories), or if it’s just my busy schedule and this transition period of getting settled in a new home that finds me drawn to these creamy classic colors. You really can’t go wrong with shades of white, brown, grey and black…however it’s important to add some different textures and silhouettes so the pallet doesn’t get dull and boring. This chunky oversized sweater is my current favorite. Add in a pop of color like this plum purple hat and lips as your accessories and BOOM, outfit complete – a neutral outfit outfit becomes much more playful.




DSC_0231.jpgIĀ  can’t wait for my sister to come visit this weekend from Portland so I can take her around to all the awesome places in my neighborhood like the Ballard Botanical Gardens where Heather shot these photos. Fall is here in Seattle and I’m loving every minute of it! It’s the perfect contrast of colors for my neutral fall color pallet. šŸ™‚

Hope you have a great weekend.





  1. says:

    Your beauty is unreal Kar! I see Ruth in the third photo ā¤

  2. Karrin! I am loving this lipstick you have been wearing in all your posts recently. Can you tell me the color of revlon it is?
    P.S. So excited for your move, hope you are loving it!

  3. I need you here to shop chunky sweaters with me!

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