Honeymoon in Santorini


Annnnnd we’re back! I’ve been back from my wedding/honeymoon for about a week now, and I’m just starting to get into the groove – unwillingly. The trip was nothing short of perfect. The wedding was exactly what we wanted it to be, and the honeymoon was beyond wonderful! When we were choosing honeymoon locations, my fiance asked for one thing… make sure to pick a place where we can relax (I tend to be a busy body on vacations in areas that allow me to do so, there’s just so much to see!). So we picked Santorini. I’ve been wanting to travel to Greece for as long as I can remember, and this small island is the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. Plus it’s a volcano, so my geologist husband was all about it. We honestly could not have picked a better spot. Phenomenal food, gorgeous sunsets, the best hotel view with unbeatable service, a private speed boat tour of the Caldera, and roaming from beach to beach via an ATV. It was paradise, and it certainly won’t be our last trip there. Here are some photos to sum up the trip:




The serene village of Oia.





One of a few of the black sand beaches.


Swimming in a crystal clear sea on our boat tour.



Quite possibly the best lunch I’ve ever had prepared from scratch by our captain.


One of the highlights for me – taking a donkey up the steps to the village of Fira 🙂



Can’t go to Greece without taking a pit stop in Athens to see the Parthenon!

A HUGE thank you to our amazing friend Heather for helping put together the best trip – we love you!

And also thanks to Karrin for posting the below lovely wedding pics 🙂 We are so SO happy you guys were able to share the day with us!





  1. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to visit greece someday. Santorini is definitely on my list. Love those pants you’re wearing!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! That sunset from the hot tub looks like heaven! So glad you have a wonderful time! xoxo

  3. Wow. Just wow. So great!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Also, I love seeing your in your element vs. your typical style posts (although those are beautiful too)!

  5. Amazing pictures!


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