Haley and Kyle tie the knot

Wow. What a fantastic wedding day. Everything was seamless and perfect. From the simple rustic decor set in the woods of lower Michigan and the rocking 80’s band to the most beautiful bride and groom I have ever set eyes on. It was nothing short of perfect. The ceremony was short and especially sweet, which led straight into the reception at an old girl scout lodge. The lodge’s exposed wood was a form of decoration all in its own surround by subtle sparkling lights. After a delicious family style dinner, we drank some good Michigan beer and never left the dance floor (and yes, that is including the bride and groom as it should!) The balls of my feet still have bruises on them from dancing. 🙂

As you can see from the pictures above, I was lucky enough to snatch the bride away to get a couple of pictures with her before the sun went down (just like she was able to for my wedding). I feel so blessed to have this beautiful lady in my life to share and document all of these milestone moments with…. now if only we lived in the same city.

Check out some of my favorite touches Haley had at her wedding below:
DSC_0067.jpgThis adorable ladder sign greeted us at the ceremony and later at the reception.
DSC_0084.jpgEven the programs were picturesque!
DSC_0082.jpgThe ceremony was so “Haley and Kyle”. It was simple, sweet, to the point and yet light hearted.  A good friend (also leading singer of the 80’s cover band that played that night –  I need to find out their name) officiated the ceremony. He said all the right things and Haley and Kyle were at ease and themselves. I definitely teared up near the Mr. and Mrs. Patterson announcement. It was a ceremony for the books!
DSC_0103.jpgI’m in love with how they laid out their seating arrangements on vintage window panes.
DSC_0127.jpgI have never seen a cupcake table like this… and the looks aren’t deceiving, the cupcakes were absolutely delicious. I would have went back for seconds but I was too busy dancing.
DSC_0120.jpgThe bride and groom at their first dance
DSC_0163.jpgA glimpse of the after party at a local pub – that’s right, I got to do a shotski with the bride and some of her maids 🙂

On a less exciting note, I took advantage of getting all dressed up to actually snap some outfit photos:
DSC_0089.jpgMy roomie gave me this dress for my one year anniversary with my husband, and I have been pleasantly surprised at the versatility of it. It is very flowy and feminine, but I love how the black color gives it more of an edgy look. I played up this edgy look with chunky black heels and a bold silver necklace (borrowed from a co-worker) and a borrowed vintage snakeskin purse from my friend Caroline. I guess you could call this “something borrowed” in honor of Haley’s special day 😉

It was a wonderful wedding with beautiful weather and an even more beautiful bride. Seriously, she belongs in a wedding magazine. Love you Hay. So glad I could be there for your special day.





  1. Haley looks so beautiful! Karrin I love the dress, it’s kinda 1920’s in a modern way!


  2. Such a perfect post to capture the day.

  3. This was such a beautiful day and beautiful bride! And Karrin, I LOVED your dress and that hair. You looked like perfection too! Miss you guys!

  4. Also…how did I not notice a shotski was happening?

  5. At the beginning of the post I thought you were documenting yours and Haley’s wedding 😉 I know how much you love each other! Beautiful post, Haley looked gorgeous, wish I could have made it! Love all the wedding details and love that black sassy dress on you K. ❤

  6. Congrats again, Haley! Also, I love the photos of you two together, especially the friendly smooch!

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