The Overall


I don’t know what it is about these 90’s trends that I am drawn to, but I seriously cannot get enough of it. I’ve had my eye on a couple of overall dresses the past several weeks, but haven’t been compelled to make a purchase. That is until I found this little gem – I love everything about it, from the polka dots to the button and pocket details to the stretchy denim material. And at under $35 it was no-brainer. Looking forward to restyling it for colder weather this winter!


SheInside dress| Madewell tank top | Anthropologie wedges| Made by Hank bag| Alimonada necklace, skull bracelet and ring | Michael Kors watch (similar here) | In God We Trust cuff via ShopSunChild





Hope everyone is having a wonderful October thus far! My fiance is leaving on Friday for Michigan for wedding preparations and I’m excited to have the place to myself this weekend to try and relax. The calm before the storm (albeit a good storm, but a storm none the less :)).





  1. how are you so pretty all the time?? i love the surprise back of the dress! i’m a huge fan of overalls and this is such a classy alternative!

    xo nicole

    • thank you, nicole! I meant to comment on your post last friday as well… I SO agree with your idea to petition for a madewell outlet store 🙂 it would seriously help my wallet.

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