Hello, fall

DSC_0032.jpgGap checkered shirt | J.Crew chambray shirt and jean shorts | Dolce Vita shoes | Promod purse | vintage and Target bracelets | Michael Kors watch

DSC_0022.jpgThe day we took these pictures was the official first day of fall. I was beyond excited that I  could celebrate accordingly by wearing TWO layered button ups and my first pair of tights of the season. Fall to me has endless possibilities. It is a chance to recreate my wardrobe by layering different things I have never thought to put together before. I love that I can take such a summer staple like denim shorts and give them an entirely different, chicer look by layering them over opaque black tights. Adding the socks over the tights and bunching them around my boots adds a whole other dimension. These are the things I long for all summer. Dresses and shorts no matter how awesome the print become boring and repetitive, there is only so much you can do with the summer heat… but now my wait is over and I feel so excited to rediscover all my forgotten treasures in my closet.






What do you get most excited for your wardrobe during this changing season?





  1. I LOVE these photos. you look beautiful and I LOVE the lipstick! 4th from bottom should be a profile shot for your FB (and all other!) pages. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  2. In this changing season I get most excited about wearing YOUR wardrobe 😉 Love this post and love the beginning of Fall, awesome pics!

  3. Am I looking at a legit Vogue magazine right now? These pictures and this outfit are stunning. Love Heather’s comment!!

  4. Erin Bertram says:

    Love this Karrin! Fall is my favorite to dress for too! I look at your posts every time 🙂 just now finding out I can comment! Haha. A. I love the lipstick (90s shade comeback!?) And B. I love the socks bunched at the bottom over tights!!! I literally did the same thing in an outfit once I’ll have to show you the photo somehow. That’s awesome.

    Love, lil Cuz

  5. I agree on the tutorial for the hair!! Such a pretty girl hot dark lips

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