Music Monday: Greetings From Texas

This week’s Music Monday is dedicated to my friend Megan of Greetings From Texas. Upon realizing she knew very little of the music being played on her husband’s playlist during game night last weekend, she asked me to make her a playlist to help expand her musical horizon. I gathered together a variety of artists that are relatively recent or have at least put out an album within the past year or so, as well as a few random songs that I thought Megan would like. Below is one of the songs I added to the list (my fiance LOVES this guy, and I admittedly break out in dance every time he plays it – impossible for my limbs to sit still). Make sure to head over to Greetings From Texas to take a listen to the rest and jazz up your Monday! Plus you should just check out her blog. It’s good. And really funny. 🙂

For those of you living in Houston, make sure to check out the event calenders at some local venues! With ACL and Fun Fun Fun Fest coming up in Austin there’s lots of good stuff coming through town!




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