A Day at the Market

I can’t think of any other way to start this post but with a big sigh of relief. I am moved into my new house, in my new neighborhood… with all of my clothes that have been packed away for four months that now feel like brand new. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder! I told my husband he should deprive me of my clothes more often, maybe i would go shopping less 😉
DSC_0991.jpgSunday was the most awesome “Sunday Funday” I have had in a long time. After a long weekend getting nice and settled, we woke up and went to explore our neighborhood farmers market. The rookies that we were, we forgot our reusable shopping bags, but that didn’t stop us from stocking up on the most awesome, organic juicy vegetables. If you live in the Seattle area and you haven’t been to the Ballard farmers market you are missing out! There is a reason it was voted one of the best in the city. I’ve been to Fremont’s market and to Pike Place on the weekends, but the quaint, two block, produce crammed streets down Ballard avenue is so approachable, every market newbie feels welcomed with opened arms… it can’t be beat!
DSC_1002.jpg                                     Zara shorts | American Apparel tee | Target shoes | thrifted purse

When I was unpacking I came across these shorts from Zara that I bought when I studied abroad my junior year of college. They always make me think of fall, my all time favorite season! The best part is, I can start to wear them right away in September without tights – the ultimate transition piece.
DSC_1017.jpgTo top off our Sunday – we had a fantastic meal and a spectacular sunset just blocks from our house. I’ve found my happy place and I’m so, incredibly excited for the new adventures to come here in Seattle.
DSC_1026.jpgHave a fabulous rest of your week!





  1. Went to a delicious Mexican joint in Ballard this summer called Señor Moose. Have you been there? Didn’t have the bloody mary (sad trombone) but the brunch was delicious!

    • I haven’t! Just starting to explore the neighborhood. I will have to try it 🙂 I’ll let you know of any good bloody mary’s out here for you to rate so you can have some next time you are out. Hope all is well back in Chi! xx

  2. Love this outfit and love the Ballard Market! Also love the sunset pic and love the veggies, okay I love it all 🙂

  3. Jean Lawless says:

    You always have the perfect “Outfit of the Day!” Love the photography, too. You and the veggies are beautiful together, can’t wait for you to take me to the Ballard Market in November!

  4. Cherrie Sporer says:

    So glad you are settled in and looking so great in your “new” clothes. Great photography! I love farmers markets. Can’t wait to visit your beautiful city in November.

  5. I love the Ballard market! I live in Redmond and the one here is also very fun. I love your outfit! Welcome :)!

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