Relaxed Lace


Target dress (old) and shoes (ON SALE) | Gap vest (still available ON SALE in white)

Wow. I have been running at a million miles a minute. Between a new job, crashing at a friends place, living out of a suit case and commuting two hours a day, I haven’t had much time to sit back, relax and catch my breath. Everything is new and exciting, however I find myself dressing in the most simple outfits lately, not only due to my lack of access to my wardrobe but because I find simple, comfortable and neutral outfits relax my mind. I can’t find time for heels, jewelry or accessories… and it has really made me embrace the little things like the beautiful details in this little white dress.
DSC_0958.jpgThis jean vest has been my favorite investment so far this summer… I’m looking forward to layering it and incorporating it in my fall wardrobe… which I am happy to announce I will have access to after we MOVE into the city into our new apartment this weekend. Well, I should say my husband is moving into – while I am off visiting my new peanut of a niece in Chicago for the long weekend 🙂
DSC_0968.jpgHappy hump day, all! Hope you have a fabulous Labor Day weekend enjoying the last relaxing days of summer.





  1. Never cut your hair. My mind is blown that this hairstyle is even an option. Just a magnificently beautiful outfit!!! And love the scenery.

  2. You are just SO STINKING CUTE! I love this outfit so much, it’s simple and pretty 🙂

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