Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop


I can’t stop my crop top craze! Per my last outfit post, I decided to invest in another version from American Apparel, this one not quite as form fitting. I love American Apparel for their tees – so affordable and they always last and rarely go out of style. Obviously the crop top will have its run, but I feel I will be able to get away with this simplistic version for a long time. I love the sense of ease it provides paired with a breezy maxi skirt. Also, everyone should check out Purse and Clutch, which is where I got this blue bag from – they sell gorgeous hand bags that are handmade by artisans in developing countries – create opportunity!


American Apparel top and skirt | slip from Macy’s | Zara shoes | Purse and Clutch bag | Clyde’s Rebirth necklace | In God We Trust cuff via Shop Sun Child | Tumbleweed’s sunnies




I officially have less than two months until my wedding… WTF! We’ve been able to take care of a lot of things the past couple of weeks, and hopefully some more this weekend, and my people in Michigan have been so helpful – but I can’t shake this anxious feeling. Sometimes it’s good anxious, and sometimes it’s bad (not bad like I don’t want to get married, but bad like what if my dress alterations go wrong). Either way it’s physically impossible for me to give my undivided attention to anything else, I am just WAY too excited. I wonder if pre-wedding anxiety is a condition that makes me eligible for medical marijuana – perhaps I should look into that πŸ™‚ Kidding! But seriously…





  1. hahahha medical marijuana..hahaha. I love the carefree, flowy nature of this outfit and you look gorgeous! Can’t wait until your wedding, SO EXCITED!

  2. LOL In Colorado where I live, that would definitely qualify (as someone who got married last year, I can attest to that πŸ˜‰ ). I loooooove the skirt and the crop top is so fun with it too! Happy planning!

  3. I have always loved that mint skirt – and good to know about American Apparel shirts! I never go in there. You look BEAUTIFUL and your wedding will be FLAWLESS I am SURE!!!!!

  4. sapphirelindsay says:

    Perfection, Haley. Pure perfection!


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