Leather Frills


American Apparel tee | Lily White skirt | Audrey Brooke heels from DSW | random pewter necklace

Like the boyfriend jeans from my previous post, an A-line, frilly leather skirt is something I’ve been on the search for some time now. When I found this faux one at the Nordstrom semi-annual sale I knew it was time to give in. I love where it sits on my waist… just high enough to give me a flattering waistline, but not too high that I feel like I’m showing too much leg. I also love how the flirty shape gives an otherwise feminine twist to the edgy leather material.
DSC_0733.jpgI decided to keep it simple with a plain white tee and a pewter necklace. I love that such a simple skirt can speak for itself and truly be the focal part of and outfit.
DSC_0735.jpgI’m excited for this week to be over so I can hit the road to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary with my hubby. Can you believe it? MAN time flies.

Hope you have a fabulous hump day and rest of your week.





  1. you are seriously the cutest. great pictures ty, i totally LOVE the first two. simple, flattering, and edgy. love it.

  2. What a beauty! Love this looks so much! Simple, but edgy and chic–beautifully styled. I recognize that skirt from Nordstrom. I picked up two other leather skirts from that sale, one of which I’m wearing now! I feel like I need that one now too.

  3. Caroline says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Your waistline looks so very trim, such a flattering outfit. And those shoes. I haven’t seen those before I don’t think! Awesome.

  4. Love the necklace, love the skirt, love the shoes, love it all.

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