The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

DSC_1097.jpgWHEW! It feels good to sleep in a real bed for 5 whole consecutive nights in a row (thanks Heather for letting us use your pad). We arrived in Seattle on Saturday and I finally found some time to post šŸ™‚ Unfortunately… I am still living out of the duffle bag which I have been doing since June 7th. This has taught me the art of simplicity. Traveling across the country I packed simple colored tee’s and skirts which I could layer and dress up with some fun sandals and jewelry. I loved being able to reach into my suitcase blindly and make something work with the first skirt and shirt I grabbed.


Before we embarked on our journey we stopped in to visit my best friend and food blogger Tricia of Growth by the Season in Traverse City, MI at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons. It is an old insane asylum renovated into offices, cute boutiques and restaurants. If you are in the area you MUST check it out. It is absolutely amazing what they have done with the place. I was lucky enough to get a private tour of to the unfinished wing, which is where the majority of these pictures were taken (you can tell by the paint peeling off the walls). It was eerily beautiful. Thanks for taking us around Trish! I can’t wait to come back again soon and see the progress that they are making. What a great addition to the TC community.


skirt and sandals from Target | tee from American Apparel | glasses from Warby Parker | necklace and earrings from Langford Market | random bracelets






  1. You are so gorgeous. Thanks for coming to visit me before your big adventure. I love you both and miss you dearly! If anyone has questions about the place just ask, I work on site for the redevelopers and could probably tell you its story, past & present, in my sleep šŸ™‚

  2. i LOVE the village at grand traverse commons! just went there for the first time last year and was obsessed with their coffee and pastry shops. crazy underground shopping area too- thanks for calling this spot out!

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