Urban Exploring

DSC_0955.jpgGAP vest | random boutique dress (last seen here)| American Apparel bandeau | Urban Outfitter sandals (old) | Promod purse (France) | Target bracelets

DSC_0967.jpgIf you couldn’t tell from my post last week, I’m really into wearing a dress with a vest right now. Not only is it the perfect way to make a flirty summer dress more casual, it’s also really my only option right now. All my clothes are packed in the boxes except for hiking and camping clothes.

DSC_0981.jpgLast week Tyler and I went out wandering in Kalamazoo and stumbled upon this is an old campus building (East Hall) which is now completely vacant and rundown. What a shame because the building is so beautiful. We managed to sneak into one room through a window, but couldn’t get anywhere from there. The doors were chained shut from the outside. What a bummer because we were pumped to do some further exploring!

DSC_0961.jpgMy hubby and I leave tomorrow for a 15 night cross country camping road trip full of more adventures and exploring. Can’t wait to arrive in Seattle and get all settled in. Wish us luck!





  1. Love this, Beautiful pictures and as always you’re gorgeous. I love this dress on you, so glad you picked it up from the shop when you visited 🙂 xoxo safe travels dear friends

  2. sapphirelindsay says:

    Safe travels!

    P.S. Awesome photo shoot location!

  3. You have no idea how much I love this outfit!! It’s so relaxed and gorgeous! Have an awesome camping trip! ❤

  4. Caroline says:

    The one in the psych chair is creepy! Sounds like a fun day 🙂 🙂

  5. Good luck and safe travels! Maybe we should get a bloody later this summer when I’ll (Amber) be in Seattle.

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