Fringe Benefits

DSC_0950.jpgThrifted vest | Langford Market dress | Melissa Button Frye Boots | Clyde’s Rebirth necklace | Promod purse (France)

DSC_0948.jpgSo I haven’t posted an outfit post in a really long time. My life is moving a million miles a minute. Currently we are in Michigan visiting family… next up a 2,600 mile drive across the country. We have been packing non-stop and fitting in goodbyes and final stops at some of our favorite places we might not see for a long time. Having a horrible chest cold in addition to all the stress of packing has not made this last week easy! I’m now finally on the mend though.

DSC_0952.jpgI was happy to be well enough to attend Bell’s Brewery beer garden opener where one of my favorite bands Greensky Bluegrass headlined for 2 nights in a row. This dress was perfect for the 75 degree weather. I’ve been wearing it often, usually dressing it down with my favorite denim vest from GAP, but when I was packing up for our trip I found this thrifted fringe vest I had completely forgot about. I bought it at Vintage Heaven in Chicago for only $10 at one of their big sales. What a steal! It’s in mint condition (only a few spots on the back) and it goes perfectly with the midwestern vibe of my dress. The camera died after only snapping a few pics, but luckily I got just enough good ones to make a post. πŸ™‚

Have a fabulous weekend. I’ll be trying to squeeze every amount of adventure out of Michigan as I can before our big move!




  1. Caroline says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I hope you are having the most wonderful time!!!!!!!

  2. I have a fringed jacket that this vest reminds me of, I definitely don’t wear it enough!

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