Go Your Own Way


My fiance and myself, along with some friends, made a trip downtown on Wednesday night for a Fleetwood Mac show – so fun! I love Fleetwood Mac, and although Lindsey’s voice isn’t what it used to be and the number of guitar solos could certainly be reduced, I still really enjoyed the show. They played most of my faves, and Stevie Nicks looked awesome 🙂 The night before the show I asked my fiance what I should wear, not really expecting a response – when he suggested a mini skirt, I thought perfect! I decided to style my boho sequin skirt (last seen here) with a simple sleeveless chambray button up, which is quickly becoming my go-to top this season.


Madewell top | Express skirt (similar here) | Zara heels | Alimonada bracelet | Anthropologie earrings (similar here) | In God We Trust cuff via ShopSunChild





Man, am I glad it’s Friday! Congrats to Karrin and her husband on their big move to Seattle! I am so happy for you guys 🙂 Cannot wait to come visit!!





  1. Soo jealous you made it to the show! I had to work!

    • Bummer! Next time… that band will never die 🙂

      So bummed I couldn’t make it out to the store on Tuesday! I also got stuck at work, meh. So excited to see it, though!

  2. Although I’ve never been a Fleetwood Mac fan (don’t hate me!), I am a huge fan of this sequined mini skirt!

  3. Caroline says:

    Love the outfit, love Fleetwood Mac, love the backdrop for this shoot, and love you! I need chambrayyyyyyy

  4. Breanna says:

    Lovin your hair beauty

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