Jail Break


I’ve been on the hunt for a solid pair of pinstripe jeans, so I jumped on these ones from Madewell when I saw them in their spring catalog. Upon receiving them, I immediately tried them on and asked my fiance what he thought. His answer – “they look great if you’re just getting out of prison.” He really has a way with words. Per usual, I blew off is lack-of-fashion-knowledge opinion on a clothing piece that I love, and checked my closet for some styling options. I love that with the right accessories these jeans can be paired with the simplest of tops and still create a chic ensemble. They will be a summer go to for sure.


Stylemint top | Madewell jeans | Michael Kors wedges and watch (love this one)| Michelangelo’s Flourentine Leather bag from Florence | American Apparel earrings | JCrew Factory cuff | Alimonada skull bracelet | gifted bow ring





Sorry in advance if my posts are lacking over the next few weeks. Between work and getting ready for a Michigan trip over Memorial Day to do some wedding planning, my life is a whirlwind!





  1. Sounds like something my husband would say LOL Aw men. I love your jeans and I think they are bound to be very versatile in your closet!

  2. Caroline says:

    that bow ring. those pants. this outfit. to die for. ❀

  3. Looks cute & comfy πŸ™‚

  4. Those pants are fabulous and I love how you styled them, you cute little shit! And I can see Kyle saying that hahaaha, miss you both so much!!

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