Music Monday: Gatsby Obsession

It’s finally here! The week of Gatsby! I am beyond excited for this flick… WHO IS WITH ME? I adored this book in high school, in all of its scandalous glory. I also happen to appreciate Baz Lurhmann’s modern twist on classic love tragedies, so I can’t wait to see what he has created. The cast is perfection, the filmography looks beautiful, and… the soundtrack rocks. The album is filled with artists whose typical work often matches the emotions experienced in The Great Gatsby – Florence, Sia, The xx, Gotye, Jack White. It’s intense and haunting, and even though the tracks are modern with just some nods to the music from the time period, it clearly resonates with the characters and the story. The album isn’t available until tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can listen to all of the tracks’s on NPR’s First Listen. Here is the wonderful piece by Lana Del Rey that everyone is currently crushing over:

Romantic yet melancholy – can’t you just feel Daisy’s love?

One of my best friends, Leeann, happens to be visiting Houston this weekend and will be accompanying me to the show. She happens to be the only person I know that is devoted to Leo DiCaprio as much as I am, so it works out pretty well 🙂




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