Clyde’s Rebirth Spring Line

I was absolutely thrilled when Merl Kinzie asked me to be a part of the lookbook for her spring jewelry line. I’ve always been a fan and have been meaning to get my hands on some of her pieces for over a year now. Not only are her creations awesome, unique and versatile  like the creator herself, they are also eco-friendly made out of all recycled material. I love it when I actually have the opportunity to purchase something I don’t have to feel guilty about!

Karrin wearing opalMake sure to check out the complete lookbook here and if you find any pieces that catch your eye (which I’m positive you will) you can purchase them yourself here. I’ve had the Opal on repeat since I tried in on!

outtakesAbove are the outtakes from the other fabulous bloggers that participated in shooting for the lookbook. Make sure to check out their awesome websites:

Alexz of Bird Trouble
Andrea of Blond Bedhead
Crystal of Indo
Linsey of Indo
Rachel of the Paraders
Samantha of Rose Vintage
lora in clara

Some of my personal favorites are the Clara (modeled above by Lora) and the Mable (modeled below by Andrea).

Andrea wearing MableThanks to Merl for the great pictures, an awesome time and for bringing some fabulous ladies together into one place.





  1. Those pieces are gorgeous and you look adorable! xoxo

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