Lust List

Because I am getting married in October and am trying to save some funds for the big day, I find myself searching for warm weather clothes that will be useful towards my honeymoon. We are going to be heading to Santorini (weeeeeee!!!), so I’m all about effortless items that will fit in with the gorgeous white and blue buildings and ocean vibe but still give me a little bit of edge. Here are some items that I am currently lusting after.


1. Tumbleweed’s wood framed sunglasses
2. JCrew hat
3. Madewell top
4. Topshop skirt and top
5. JCrew bikini top and bottom
6. Madewell bracelet
7. Fresh Sugar lip treatment
8. Zara sandals
9. American Apparel twill skirt

So looking forward to Michigan vacations filled with lake lounging and late nights, and honeymoon relaxation next to the ocean! Midweek dreaming 🙂





  1. The fact that this started with ‘getting married in October’ made me so extremely happy I could just squeal! LOVE that bathing suit! You’d look so cute on your honeymoon in that – I’m sure Kyle would love it 😉

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