Music Monday: Phosphorescent

I think I have officially found my go-to album for the summer. I am obsessed. I first heard Phosphorescent on my way to work the other day, as part of a monthly special that Houston’s NPR show does where they get an artist recommendation from another NPR radio show host in another city. As soon as the music hit my ears, I couldn’t wait to get to the office to look it up on Spotify and get more! Apparently I have been out of it, because Matthew Houck, who is the man behind these wonderful tunes, has put out several Phosphorescent albums. I haven’t had a chance to get past his most recent release, “Muchacho”, because I am still in that “can’t stop listening to this album” phase. Houck is ridiculously talented when it comes to composing his work. Muchacho embodies a variety of musical styles, from synth-heavy beats to haunting trumpets to raw steel guitars to dreamlike choruses. Each song has been meticulously perfected, and they all draw me in.  Here is the current top track:

So that song is awesome, but seriously, go listen to the rest of the album. Do it! It makes all of the songs so much better. My other personal favorites include “Ride On / Right On”, “Muchacho’s Tune” and “Terror in the Canyons”. Hope you enjoy!




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