The Art of The Bow Tie


On this Friday I am finding myself reflective and in awe of a lot of things: how fast this month is flying by (it’s already the end of MARCH?), how awesome Justin Timberlake’s new album is (seriously, give it a chance), how much people can surprise you if you just give them the chance, and how a tiny little bowtie can bring a frumpy layered outfit together and make it look classy. Here’s to the little things in life and a weekend celebrating the small things.






jacket, shoes and pants from Zara | denim vest from GAP | button up from Tartget | bowtie from Scotch and Soda | purse from Promod (France) | leather gloves from Next (London) | vintage sunglasses



  1. This outfit is anything but frumpy, but I love how the bowtie brings it all together. The layers, the color of the pants, LOVE LOVE LOVE. If I could get that nose job I want, I’d ask for your nose. You’re too damn cute!

  2. Caroline says:

    AGREE! this post is awesome.

  3. Love this, you’re adorable. I never thought I’d ever think of picking up a bow tie but I’m so glad you showed me how to make it casual and cute. I really dig the coat too xo

  4. Love those gloves! Great outfit!

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