Blazed and Confused


H&M blazer, boots, purse and earrings | Forever21 jeans | Gap belt | Vintage tee | Target bracelets

When I run out of ideas or am just feeling particularly lazy I always turn to the basics. You can never  go wrong with a basic tee, blazer, jeans and some high heels… however, just reading all of those words in one sentence doesn’t exactly scream my style. I’ve seen this look done by so many of my favorite bloggers I thought it was time to give it a try myself. I was suprised to find how open for interpretation these staple items are.   By just adding some crazy jeans, my hubby’s vintage tee and a little bit of neon I was able to make it my own.

What’s your take on this staple look?





  1. I LOVE THIS! I need that blazer, and those EARRINGS! oh my gosh, i love it. ughhh i miss you!

  2. This outfit is F%#!ing awesome!!!!! love all your posts!!

  3. You’re awesome.

  4. My sister, Suzanne, shared your blog with me.. and for good reason. I absolutely love it. Fantastic style! This outfit especially. I am really into neon lately and I love that you mixed so many neons together…brilliant.

    • Emily, thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog too! I love it 🙂 It is always great to find new blogs that you have tastes in common with. xo

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