Dressed Up Denim


Gap jacket and shirt (similar here) | Zara jeans (similar here) | Banana Republic shoes | bag from Michelangelo’s Florentine Leather | Alimonada necklace and skull bracelet | JCrew Factory cuff | random rings

I live in these boyfriend jeans on the weekends, and am always looking for ways to dress them up so that I can take them from day to night, or to simply add some class to what could otherwise be a pretty bum outfit. Easiest way to do this – shoes!  Not that there would be anything wrong with my Toms here, but sometimes you just need to add a little polish to a lazy day. I love the effortless look of a distressed outfit with a good pair of heels or wedges, so outfits like this are a weekend go-to for me.







Happy Friday! I happen to be currently enjoying myself at Hogwarts in Orlando – those of you who read this that may not know me very well can’t even begin to imagine how long I have waited for this day 🙂 Hope the rest of you have an awesome weekend!





  1. I totally adore those shoes. What a great simple way to make an outfit classy & comfortable!

  2. AMAZING I NEED THIS OUTFIT. This is the ultimate classic outfit and I love how you put your own spin on it. I need those jeans in my life and you look so beautiful. Have fun in Orlando!

  3. Looks great …. and I really love the purse, too!!

  4. This is the best Canadian Tuxedo I’ve seen! I am jealous you are in HPWorld – I want to hear about it!!

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