DSC_0781.jpgI’ve been waiting since the beginning of fall to find the perfect oversized sweater – the kind that I want live in constantly and never take off my body. I found this magnificent piece in November on Zara’s website and have been swooning over it ever since. It was even included on  both my holiday gift guide and personal wish list, so you can imagine my excitement when I found it on sale after Christmas and they actually still had my size!


Zara sweater (similar here) and boots (similar here) | Bebe leatherette tuxedo leggings | Michael Kors watch | Gap sunglasses (similar here)| Vintage purse and bangles

DSC_0797.jpg DSC_0813.jpg

DSC_0810.jpg When I think of my dream sweater, I imagine something extra large, chunky, and cozy and which doubles as a blanket (and you wonder why I love this sweater). While most people avoid loose, unstructured clothing at all costs, I always find myself seeking them out. I know the style isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay – that’s the case with most things when it comes to fashion and that’s what makes personal style so interesting.

Do you have any unstructured, oversized pieces in your closet?

Have a great weekend!





  1. I want to cozy up right next to you in my big warm sweater! Its beautiful, and love your hairstyle too! xo

  2. ^^agree with Trisha!! I ❤ my cozy zara sweater too. And everything about this post.

  3. Pretty precarious up there on that rail! Awesome post, told ya I love this sweater.

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