BB Dakota coat via Em&Lee | Zara top | Anthropologie shorts (old) | Madewell tights | Shoemint shoes | BCBG bag (old) | Michael Kors watch | Ray-Ban sunnies | gifted bracelets and music note ring

I purchased this coat a couple of months ago in preparation for my holiday trip back to Michigan, and to have a casual coat to wear for the colder mornings in Texas (believe it or not, the humidity in the air down here makes the chilly air feel quite brisk!). When I busted it out to show my fiance, I was told I looked like a rogue (apparently a character from a video game?), and that I looked like someone you shouldn’t give a crossbow to. I’m not sure what he meant by all of that, but nevertheless, it made me feel badass, which just deepened my love for the new coat 🙂 It has proved to be very versatile! I wore this particular outfit out for brunch this past weekend. As much as I complain about the heat of Houston, I will admit that it is quite nice to be able to comfortably enjoy my brunch on an outdoor patio while in tights in January.








Happy Hump Day! Halfway to the weekenddddddddd.





  1. Hi Dear, looking gorgeous as always, u and hugs!!

  2. love the details on the coat! xo

  3. What a lovely coat! I also love your stripes and shorts! Aaaaand those cap toe flats are so cute!

  4. Such nice outfit!!! where you got the coat and the tights? (:

  5. I love the rings, love the shorts, love the coat, tights, shirt, shoes, YOU, EVERYTHING about this post!!! And Kyle’s comments lolololol.

  6. Very cute details (-:

  7. hahahhaha Kyle cracks me up “someone you shouldn’t give a crossbow to.” I looove that coat and your thin legs in those tights!

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