Crazy Pants


J. Crew sweater, Gap shirt, Zara pants, Shoe Mint flats, American Apparel bag and earrings, J. Crew Factory bracelet, In God We Trust cuff via Shop Sun Child, Jewel Mint chain ring, Alimonada heart ring

My love for printed pants has evolved from the floral trends of summer to geographic/bold prints for fall and winter – when I spotted a table full of that wonderful characteristic at Zara, I knew I had to snag a pair. I’m not very good at mixing prints/graphics at this level of craziness, so I toned down the look with a simple sweater, a fun ponytail, and some flats with a pop of gold. This outfit embodied a bit a holiday flair, so I wore it out to a young professional holiday networking event with my fiance and his colleagues a couple of weeks ago. Perfect for parties and for adding some fun to the office section of my closet!






Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Karrin and I are both back in Michigan right now, so we are super excited to finally do some outfit posts together again 🙂 Stay tuned!





  1. Hi, looking gorgeous as always!! “beautiful”..hope you had a lots of fun!!

  2. I love the pants and how you paired them with a classic white blouse and black sweater!


  3. Erin above said literally exactly what i was about to type. GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS!

  4. LOVE this pattern. And I’ve always loved a pony with a “REAL hair” tie ; ) you look beautiful xo

  5. great outfit! I love the pants with those flats

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