Music Monday: Hayes Carll

When I first heard Hayes Carll I mistook him for another favorite singer/songwriter of mine Todd Snider. The only thing that helped me to distinguish them apart is that Carll has a touch of twang and country in every one of his tunes, where as Todd sings more of the talkin’ blues.

If you know me well, you are aware that I’m a secret country girl at heart… and Hayes Carll is exactly what I have been looking for since since I stopped listening to redundant, mundane pop country that has taken over radio. His voice brings me back to when I was going to country concerts with my parents every summer in my teenage years and can’t help but make bring a smile to my face. I can picture my mom swaying on her feet left to right, snapping her her fingers by her side with a cowboy hat on, mouthing the words to every single song. Carll brings back all of these precious memories…his music isn’t only easy listening, it makes you want to sing along and tap your feet. Even if you don’t like country, don’t be afraid, Carll only has a hint of it in his songwriting… however for me, that’s the part I like most.

Have a fabulous Monday,




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