Music Monday: Hoots & Hellmouth (on repeat)

I apologize, for this is my first repeat music Monday post… but I just can’t stop listening to Hoots and Hellmouth! When I did a post back in July I had just recently discovered their newest album Salt. In the three months since I have come to love every single song in their discography… I had to revisit them, just in case you weren’t hooked on them the first time around.


My favorite thing about H&M is the energy and uniqueness they possess that blows Edward Sharpe and Mumford and Sons out of the water. The lead singer Sean Hoots  is beautiful song writer and if you take a listen, you’ll find his voice carrying you away to someplace you’ve never been, and you won’t even know you left.

Note: If you haven’t joined Spotify yet… shame on you! It’s free, and you can pick the songs you want to listen to unlike Pandora. I eventually bought the Hoots & Hellmouth CD and vinyl so I could listen to them wherever I go, but it was nice to be able to give them a test run both for free and legally.

What’s got you hooked? I’d love to hear what’s on repeat on your iPod.

Have a spooktacular Halloween week!




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