Fall Suspense

IMG_0205 The fall weather in Chicago has certainly kept me on my toes. This particular day was spent exploring the last Randolph Street Market of the season with some friends. My feet we’re sweating the entire time… note to self, layering tights+socks+furry boots is made for winter, not a 70 degree fall day. Sometimes I get so ahead of myself with fall/winter fashion…I am just too excited to layer and make all the old items in my closet new again. For instance, when I paired my favorite lumberjack flannel with my over-worn scarf, BOOM, brand new outfit. Finding a new combination in my closet is like making a fantastic discovery. None of the items I’m wearing in this post (excluding accessories) have been purchased within the last 6 months, yet I feel like I just purchased everything yesterday. And to think, all of our closets are FULL of innumerable combinations just waiting for us to piece them together.
IMG_0180On occasion, I like to try a look without any color at all, just muted tones. This usually is a daunting task… it’s difficult to not look washed out without at least having a bold colorful statement piece. I was lucky that this fall day had enough sunshine and color on the leaves to go around 🙂


Target shirt/tights/boots | Zara suspender shorts | JCPenny socks | Gap sunglasses | Old Navy purse | Earrings from art fair | hand-me-down scarf




I challenge you to discover something new in your wardrobe today… something you’ve had for years, but maybe it just hasn’t found the right closet mate yet.

Happy hump day!



P.S. Special thanks to Amy Creyer from Chicago Street Style for taking these photos! xo




  1. Awesome. Love it!

  2. LOVE THIS OUTFIT!! ksadjflkds! Amy took some beautiful photos, I love the light! And this outfit is KILLER. I need to copy it stat..errr be inspired by it 🙂

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