Staple Stripes


Zara top, American Apparel skirt, Dollhouse shoes (old), bag from Michelangelo’s Florentine Leather, UO necklace (old), JCrew Factory/random bracelets, Ray-Ban sunnies

I was in Austin this past weekend for the ACL Festival – so great! I successfully saw all of the bands on my list, and despite the rain, the shows were all awesome. We only had tickets to the festival on Saturday, but we stuck around on Sunday to watch an ACL taping of Jack White (thanks, Dominic!) – such a cool experience! The show was AMAZING – it airs on PBS in January for you Jack White fans out there. Since the show wasn’t until later in the evening, we decided to head out to Lake Travis for a drink and to take in some scenery, followed by a short stroll downtown for pub food and NFL. The weather was beautiful, which made me get in the mood to dress up a little. I still wanted to be comfortable so I paired this cotton striped tee with an easy skirt and my new Italian leather bag (it still smells wonderful, by the way). This top was a steal, and I feel like I am going to be able to pair it with so many other things – new staple for my closet!



I just love Austin. Don’t get me wrong, Houston is cool, but it is SO spread out. When we go to Austin I can actually walk from location A to location B. Plus, there is a lot more water and exciting landscape in that part of the state. And being the live music capitol of the country doesn’t hurt either 🙂 The city vibe is quite different from anywhere else I have been in Texas. Make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Austin if you get a chance!





Happy Hump Day!





  1. Haley!!! You’re such a gorgeous model! Love that skirt!

  2. I can’t see stripes and not comment:) I love this outfit! Your skirt is so cute and you are a gorgeous model, xo

  3. New Italian leather bag!!! OK. I freaking need to go to Italy. Iam so jealous of your bag and Karrins jacket. Beautiful post!

  4. You styled that skirt beautifully! I love getting inspiration from you, I wouldn’t think to put a striped top with the skirt, but it looks so damn good! I miss you, hay!

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