Tuscan Tales


view of Florence at night

Last week I embarked on one of the best vacations EVER. My cousin, Brean, is currently studying abroad in Florence, Italy. So my sister, two other cousins and myself decided to voyage across the Atlantic for an epic adventure. As you can see in my post from Monday, the trip started out with a rowdy weekend in Munich for Oktoberfest – I always knew this was a huge festival, but until I actually went to Munich to experience it, I was sorely mistaken as to how enormous it is. Dozens of tents, each holding thousands of people, serving beer steins the size of my head and offering live music. SO. MUCH. FUN. Then it was off to Florence (one of my new favorite cities) for strolls along cobblestone streets, shopping for beautiful Italian leather, gazing at incredible architecture, touring the Tuscan vineyards and villages via horseback and mopeds, and of course, FOOD. Seriously, why can’t pizza, gelato, and espresso be that good in the United States?! I honestly had one of the best weeks of my life – being in Italy is in itself an experience all its own, however, the best part of the trip was the people I was with πŸ™‚


good lookin’ crew


right before our wine tasting tour through Fun in Tuscany, our tour guide let Brean open a bottle with a sword – these are the results



All five us agreed that the best part of the trip was the moped tour through the Tuscany region. We rode alongside vineyards with beautiful views and stopped at quaint villages and old castles. If you are ever in Tuscany and are looking to explore the countryside, make sure to check out the activities you can do through Fun in Tuscany. Our tour guide, Isaam, was so frickin awesome and gave us a very special and unique experience that allowed us to see the beauty of the area while truly indulging in the culture.


apparently the Jersey Shore cast worked at a pizza shop in Florence – this is what the left behind. ewww?

While Brean was in class one day, the rest of us took a day trip to Rome to see some sites. I had been drooling over this Anthropologie dress at the beginning of the summer, and about a month ago I found it on the sale rack – SCORE! I have been saving it for this trip. I adore the water color style print and colors, and the shape is so much fun! It was the perfect dress for strolling around the ancient city of Rome in the hot sun.


Anthropologie dress, Michael Kors wedges, American Apparel earrings, bag from Michelangelo Florentine Leather in Florence


Trevi Fountain



espresso slushy layered with whipped cream – best dessert ever! i had this the last time i was in Rome, and have been dreaming about coming back. so glad i found it again! NOMMMMM

I’m so sad that the trip is over, but I also can’t wait for the next one! Big shout out to Brean and her roommate Steph for hosting us and giving us a reason to explore Tuscany πŸ™‚





  1. You look absolutely beautiful and so do your cousins and your sis, miss all of you! Looks like you had a lot of fun–jealous of everything, especially that dessert and the moped ride ehheheh

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