Music Monday: Marco Benevento

I have a major fault when it comes to discovering new music – I find something I love and play it on repeat. Over and over and over again…. to the point that it hinders my ability to discover all the other awesome music out there. I’m frozen, paralyzed, stuck in the same routine unwilling to make a change. It’s like that mac and cheese I turn to on a weekly basis when I don’t have the energy to cook. Yeah, it rocks, but on the 7th helping all the flavor just sort of starts to fade away.

Lately, when I find myself lost in this cycle, I’ve been making an effort to turn to artists like Marco Benevento to pull me out of my funk. He’s fresh, unique and unlike anything else in my library. Take a listen and let me know what you think. He might take you somewhere that’s been right in front of your eye’s the whole time, you’ve just been too distracted to know it existed.

Here’s to discovering something new!




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