Music Monday: Tilly and the Wall

I’m excited to announce that Tilly and the Wall will be releasing a new album, Heavy Mood, next week! I first discovered this band in college when I was living with my friend Andrea. Between the two of us we had a pretty steady rotation of music on hand that was perfect for dancing around to, and Tilly and the Wall was a regular in that rotation. They are catchy and upbeat, and I promise that if you listen to them you won’t be able to sit still. The band comes from Omaha, where they work with Conor Oberst’s record label to record and produce their work. The group consists of both male and female vocals, which I love because it creates a lot of variety from song to song. And did I mention that part of their percussion section includes a tap dancer?! It kills me. Also, I have always believed that music and fashion go hand in hand, and this group proves it. Their on-stage presence and personal style are wild and eclectic, just like their music. You can check out a couple of their new songs here and here. In the meantime, here is a look at one of their videos from a few years ago – it’s old, and from what I have heard so far I think their new album will have expanded quite a bit in terms of sound, but this video is still a great representation of a live performance:


Oh, and before I forget – they are TOURING! Check out the dates here if you are interested! For all of you cool Houstonian kids, they will be at Fitzgerald’s November 17th. Happy Monday all 🙂




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