Five Fabulous Fall Essentials

Surprisingly, I’ve only purchased a couple of things to add to my fall wardrobe. Even though I am no longer saving for my wedding, I find myself resisting to purchase anything that I don’t think I will wear or will last for the next couple of years. I feel the need to find things that are classic, timeless, chic, and durable, just like my favorite leather jacket.

Below is a list of my top 5 fall essentials that I am lusting after this fall. I think every woman should have some variance of each item on this list in their wardrobe.

1. A good pair of brown leather boots that will take you through every season, for the years to come:

Melissa Button Frye Boot 

I find myself buying a new pair of boots every season – not because my taste or the trends change, but rather I wear them to the bone. It’s time to buck up and get something that will last.

2. Leather Gloves:

Leather Gloves (these sexy babies are from JCrew)

I live in the Midwest, so gloves are a must… but how am I supposed to do anything with huge mittens on? And if I’m going to wear gloves, I might as well look chic as hell while doing it.

3. A good leather bag

Cambridge Satchel (found on ModCloth)

I’ve been lusting after this exact purse since January. It’s basic, simple, and timeless. I feel like it would make any outfit feel put together. Shouldn’t we all have a purse that we can turn in times of despair?

4. Felt Brimmed hat:

Hat by Ralph Lauren (2012 Fall Collection)

I’ve seen this hat pop up in about every September fashion magazine. Although I’ll never pay this much for such a simple accessory,  a good hat can turn any bad hair day into a good one. It’s accessories like this that can really make a statement in your wardrobe.

5. A solid scarf to carry you from day to night, fall to winter:

Banana Republic Scarf

I have a million scarves hanging on my closet wall… but the one I wear 75% if the time is my black pashmina. I don’t even remember where I got it (I probably stole it from one of my sisters), but it carries me from a casual day of shopping to a fancy dinner with my husband. Yes, patterns are fun, but basic, my friends, is a must.

This is such a simple list. I know. But I constantly have to remind myself of what I actually – dare I say NEED – in my closet. Yes, I love bib necklaces and metallic shoes, and I will continue buying these awesome things… but we all just need to remember from time to time to save room for the good stuff. Believe me. It will make a difference.

What would you add to the list?



P.S. I’m so thrilled to go to one of my favorite blogger’s , Cupcakes and Cashmere, book signing this weekend at Bloomingdales and meet one of my biggest inspirations in person…. I have a feeling I might just check a couple of things off of this wish list afterwords as well!! 🙂



  1. Great, What about a Pea coat or belted trench?

  2. Oo those gloves remind me I NEED new ones and I love those! I’m digging all these basics that are both stylish and utilitarian. I’d also say a warm, structured (and tailored) coat is another great basic necessity that can carry you through multiple seasons!

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