Music Monday: The Long Haul

This past weekend I visited Michigan State as an Alumni for the second year in a row – the sweet fall breeze and the overcrowded streets of East Lansing left me feeling extremely nostalgic. I would give anything to have every Monday spent watching my favorite band, Steppin’ in it, at The Green Door and every Saturday waking up at the crack of dawn to tailgate with my girls.


This song was mine and Tyler’s first dance at our wedding. It really fits perfect with all of the nostalgic feelings that come along with growing up… but for us, the take home is we will always know we can find a home somewhere in Michigan, no matter how long we are away, how far we come from, or how much we stray from our roots.

Aside from your fall fashion urges, what does this changing season leave you pondering?





  1. Leaves me pondering the tides of our time alive. The war within over the desire for constants and changes in scenery, community, and self. Leaves me wondering how best to take in the magnificent fall display, as I know that I will only be able to watch so many, and never again a season just as this one will be. Leaves me realizing how much we revel in all that is fleeting. – Caleb

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