North Coast Music Festival


Edith Hart fake leather shorts, American Apparel bandeau, Urban Outfitters top and purse, T.J. Maxx shoes, H&M and thrifted bracelets, vintage necklace, scarf gift from friend

As mentioned in my Music Monday post, this past weekend was spent at North Coast Music Festival. I hung out with my friend Amy from Chicago Street Style while she walked around and took some awesome street style photos. Check out my outfit from day three of the festival on her site here! Thanks Amy! 🙂


I have a love hate relationship with festival fashion. For me it is a double edged sword. I get excited for it every summer because it gives me a chance to take some risks and wear something I wouldn’t normally wear. On the other hand, some people seem to take this opportunity a little out of hand and wear things that in my mind, should never be worn in public. I am sorry, but your lacy bra should never be worn without a shirt unless you are in the comfort of your own home….


That being said, expressing yourself is what fashion is all about. This leather short and mesh top combo gave me a boost of confidence and had me boogying to the electronic music all day long.




Amy Creyer of and I taking a break from street style hunting

What pushes you to take risks with your style?

Have a great weekend!





  1. you were definitely the best, but totally fest appropriate, dressed person at northcoast!! loved this outfit. can we shop for a scarf for me please?

  2. You’re so beautiful K-spo. All sun-tanned and madly in love back from Costa Rica. INCREDIBLE outfit as always. love you

  3. The Hurricane Isaac storm not only ruined my hair and makeup, but it ruined my cute sandal plans too!

    Haha but despite the crappy weather, I had a blast with you Karrin! xoxo

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