Music Monday: Van Ghost

I spent my three day weekend at North Coast Music Festival in Union park and can honestly say that the highlight of my weekend was listening a local Chicago favorite, Van Ghost. After spending my college years immersing myself in the local Michigan music scene, I was convinced upon departure to the windy city that I would never find anything quite like it. I longed for that sense of familiarity, intimacy of a small venue and monthly repeat shows to look forward to.Van Ghost has completely crushed those fears and given me a new hope for the local music scene here in Chicago. They have a special unique, style that for the last year has kept me coming back for more. Their lead man, Michael Harrison Berg is nothing short of awesome. He’ll stop you when you wave hi to him on the street and treat you like a good friend. Not to mention the lovely Jennifer Hartswick who has a set of pipes that will blow you out of the water. The entire band together has the ability to transform from playing an awesome rock ballad one moment, to a pop song that will be stuck in your head for days. Van Ghost has something really great going on and I am so happy I will be in Chicago to witness what happens next.

Even if you aren’t in the Chicago area, check out Van Ghost’s new album released last month. I’ve had it on repeat for two weeks, and I still can’t seem to get enough. Take a listen for free to the entire album here and if you love it (how could you not?) it’s available now for purchase!

Hope you all have an awesome short week!






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